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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Vous n'avez pas été l'une danse avec moi dans les églises abandonnées à travers le temps? Quand les âges sont venus et allé?
Have you not been the one dancing with me in abandoned churches throughout time? When ages have come and gone? When glaciers have advanced and retreated? When eras have donned and died? Have you not been with me in the mists of the Highlands? In the mountains of Europe's Spine? In the Saharas of Africa? In the Islands that pepper the great seas? In the Fjords of the great Norway and Finland? In the White expanses of the World' tundras with only each other to keep ourselves warm? Do you not feel my presence hovering above your dreams at night? Do you not feel the surprising warmth from a dark and shifting shape that you thought only cold could come from?

Bleak dysmal day. Yet my heart is on fire. Under the brilliant sun of South Africa, everything is hot. The stones of the earth give off the odours of spice. Hills and vales are lush and green...I wonder if climate can affect the potency of one's sexual energy? Just wondering ;-p Surely, sensuality is a natural healing force and the desire to express oneself in a sensual manner is a biological imperative designed by God(?)
Oh I want my immortality to be of a scandalous nature! Now, still...playing in the sand Life is. That is, there exists a thing called life. That is, there exists a set for which the state of being alive is true. What other attributes this set might have is up to the observer. Life is. Life is short, for a fly. Life is long, for an elephant. Life is short for flies and elephants when compared to the life of a star. Stars, however, are not alive (ummm maybe they are?) It is said that the difference between life and non-life is the presence or absence of the ability to make more life. There are problems with this: those who are sterile are most certainly alive, at least by any humanitarian definition of the word, while irradiated chemicals in a scientist's flask most certainly lack life, at least until a spark is applied.
And yet, cannot a star make more of itself? True, the star has to die first. Still, the gasses given off by a dead or dying star have the ability, as much as any inanimate object can be called able, to form a new star. Is a star therefor more closely akin to the one who is otherwise sterile but yet has a slight, slight chance of conceiving, or the chemicals, which will arrange themselves and copy themselves if a spark is applied?
Does it even really matter? Should there be more to this definition of 'life' than the ability to reproduce? Human beings are known to speak of "truly living." What is this? Can a fly "truly live," or is this the sole domain of the upright primate? As it is necessary to ask humans in order to get a definition of "truly living," and since these definitions vary wildly, it may well be that this question can only be answered by polling the flies :-) *goes off polling flies* ;-p
I want you to say: I eat forbidden scar fruit Say it! I ache to taste some skin strectched tautly over delicious bone Ha! So hormones DO rule I guess... ;-p
Soooo... when language
wearing its formal dress,
at its station in high society,
disobeys the laws of exposition,
Love may creep
like a fiend
into the camphor-scented rooms
of finely-crafted sentences,
strangle the sleeping baby
and fill its bag
with moon and stars.
Strangle me! Fly me to the moon.
Words decide my fate.

Let every muscle in your body loosen leaving your mind susceptible to my charms. I do want to enchant you with the visions in my mind and enchant I will! Even a dreamer such as myself is affected by things in reality. The happy moments, the regrets we hold, and the pain we feel never leaves us completely. These events leave 'marks on our minds' like footprints in the sand. They wash away but they return again, making us remember our rough journey through life as waves of doubt, passion, fear, and euphoria try to overwhelm us. These events can make us look at life in a way we never did before, or they can lead us into our imaginations to find comfort and relief as we explore a world that cannot exist in our mundane lives.
Some encounters cannot be reduced to mere words...such is that of The Lion and The Lamb. The commencement of a millenium of peace? Time will reveal all.
Take the SENSUALITY TEST It is very revealing...I got 94% and this explanation:
What does your score mean?
You are one sensual human being! You are titillated by the sensual stimuli of everyday life. The smell of flowers, the sensation of silk against the skin, the taste of food, the sound of music, and the rich colors of life tickle and tease you to ecstasy. Yours is a hedonistic attitude, and you deeply enjoy the physical pleasures that life has to offer. This is great-a good smell or beautiful color is often enough to keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart. You are into long, emotional lovemaking (which is usually followed by an earth-shattering orgasm). This is fabulous for you and one would wager that your partner doesn't mind either! Your senses are also inextricably linked to your emotions and certain sensual stimuli can evoke strong feelings. Therefore you tend to be emotionally passionate. Because you get so much pleasure from your senses, you are eager to experiment in life. This is positive since you can make great discoveries and experience a lot of pleasure. However, being pleasure-driven can sour you from persevering if an experience isn't entirely pleasant. If that's your case, your lack of persistence might be keeping you from attaining worthy goals (sometimes it is necessary to wade through dull and insipid periods of life). But most importantly, remember that 'too much of a good thing' can be harmful. People who delight is sensual pleasures are at a slightly increased risk for addictions (substance, sex, love, etc.). So keep yourself in check. Careless sex too much chocolate and fine wine can all be wonderful in reasonable doses. And though they induce pleasure, too much can lead to your demise. All in all, you have the innate ability to use your senses to enjoy what this life has to offer!

I'm reading several books about Islam at the moment. Like most people I am not very well versed in the history and reality of the religion. I was surprised to find that it actually has quite a violent history even into the 20th century. After World War I, the Turks slaughtered almost all of the Christians in Armenia and then covered it up. 200,000 to 400,000 lost their lives while everyone stood by and did nothing (exhausted from war I suppose). Hitler supposedly devised his plan to kill off the Jews of Europe by observing, "Who remembers the Armenians now after only 20 or so odd years?" Quite an unsettling thought. There is a mountain range in the Himmalayas called Hindu Kush which means "Hindu Kill" because Muslims slaughtered so many Indian Hindus there. Muslim aggressors allegedly killed more Hindus in India than were killed in WWII. Some 60 million worth. The Middle East used to be crawling with Christians that were killed off by Muslims during the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. There are basically none now and that history of violence of Muslims against Christians/Pagans/Jews has been forgotten.
It's a depressing history that just has no semblence of peace anywhere to be found. I've always heard that Islam is the religion of peace but I just can't find a reference for that. Every book I pick up describes some sort of massacre of one group of people or other. Rape, subjugation of women, torture, extortion, killings, slavery seem to be the norm throughout history, even in modern Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, etc.. I know every religion has a bad history of violence and war but the history of Islam as a cultural influence is quite chilling. Hitler was nominally from a Christian country although I don't think he actually claimed to be Christian. The pope allyed himself with Hitler because he was terrified of Communism and thought that Nazism was a strong counterweight.
Places where I've heard Islam described in a positive light were perhaps a little idyllic when compared to the historical record. I don't want to sound dismissive or biased against Islam because I still do not know very much about the religion but what I've read so far does not make me feel better about current world politics. I'll reserve judgement until I've become more informed but I'm happy to hear any thoughts on the subject. Book references for a reading list wanted.
I also find it strange that almost every book I pick up about Germany has something to do with the Holocaust or travelling to Germany in roughly equal numbers. I suppose when something horrible happens in a country's history that it's hard to talk about anything else but it's a little strange. I've always been more interested in the history leading up to the world wars because after 1915 or so, things take a fatalistic turn for the worst. In almost every bookstore I've been to in the section about German History there is nothing but books about Nazis and Hitler. A few on WWI and basically nothing else. I suppose the same may be true of the books I've found on Islam. Violence and brigands sell books I suppose *sigh*
All the evil karma, ever created by me since of old;
on account of my beginningless greed, hatred and ignorance;
born of my conduct, speech and thought;
I now confess openly and fully


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