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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gender: Boy
Pronunciation: FRED-er-ik
Origin: Old German
Meaning: "Peaceful ruler."
Notes: Brought by the Hunoverian kings to Britain. Frederik is a Scandinavian form; Frederic is French. Fritz is a nickname. An interesting contemporary variant is used by actor Fredro Starr. Actors Fred MacMurray, Freddie Prince, Jr.; dancer Fred Astaire; cartoon character Fred Flintstone; children's TV personality Fred Rogers; composer Frédéric Chopin; abolitionist Frederick Douglass; philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche; rock musician Fred Durst.
Variants: Eric, Erich, Erick, Erico, Erik, Eryk, Federico, Federigo, Fred, Fredd, Freddie, Freddy, Fredek, Frederic, Frederich, Frederico, Frederik, Fredi, Fredric, Fredrick, Fredrik, Frido, Friedel, Friedrich, Friedrick, Fridrich, Fridrick, Fritz, Fritzchen, Fritzi, Fritzl, Fryderky, Ric, Fredro, Rich, Rick, Ricky, Rik, Rikki
Other related names: Aric, Baldric
Other names starting with: Fr-, Fre-, Fred-, Frede-, Freder-, Frederi-, Frederic-
Other names ending with: -ck, -ick, -rick, -erick, -derick, -ederick
Popularity: The name Frederick ranked 131 out of 1219 (Top 11%) as a first name for males of all ages.

Estella (ess-STEL-ah)
Gender: Girl
Meaning: (Latin) "Star." The French variant Estée (ess-TAY) is familiar due to Estée Lauder, co-founder of the cosmetic company. [Estée, Estela, Estelita, Estelle, Estrella, Estrellita]
Stella (STEL-ah) (Latin) "Star." Mostly literary used until the 19th century, when the name became popular. Linked in most minds to the movie "A Streetcar named Desire", where Marlon Brando bellowed "Stella!" [Estella, Estelle, Estrella, Stela, Stelle]

Gender: Girl
Pronunciation: an-NET
Origin: French
Notes: Pet form of Ann. Elaborated forms like Annetta may also be considered variations of Agnes. Actress Annette Bening.
Variants: Anet, Anett, Anetta, Annetta
Other names starting with: An-, Ann-, Anne-, Annet-
Other names ending with: -te, -tte, -ette, -nette, -nnette, -annette
Popularity: The name Annette ranked 175 out of 4275 (Top 4%) as a first name for females of all ages.

Gender: Boy / Girl
Pronunciation: MAN-dee
Origin: English
Notes: Pet form of Amanda (Latin) "lovable." Pop singer Mandy Moore.
Variants: Manda, Mandi, Mandie
Other related names: Melinda, Shandy
Other names starting with: Ma-, Man-, Mand-
Other names ending with: -dy, -ndy, -andy, -mandy
Popularity: The name Mandy ranked 475 out of 4275 (Top 11%) as a first name for females of all ages.

Gender: Boy / Girl
Meaning: Emerald, Gem
Pronunciation: és-may
Notes: Esmé Evérard, Esmerélda from The Hunchback of Nortré Dame, Esmé Codell, Mark Willoughby and the Impostor-King of Lazaronia - "Except for the King and Queen, who had Esmé, nobody could have children..."
Other names starting with: Es-, Esm-
Other names ending with: -mé, -smé, -esmé
Popularity: The name Esmé, being rare, was not ranked among 4275 first names for females of all ages.


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